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18th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc & Videobrasil

Southern Panoramas competitive show announces ten winning works and four honorable mentions

The 18th Festival Grand Prize winner was the performance Samba do Crioulo Doido by Luiz de Abreu. As stated by the curator Cristiana Tejo at a ceremony held yesterday, November 10, 2013, the fact that this piece has won "not only reiterates the institution's transition from an exclusive focus on video to an expanded conception of art, it also fundamentally celebrates and champions an artwork we regard as possessing extreme urgency, both in regard to form—how art can address the audience in a radical, captivating, memorable way—and content—a content which speaks of both a local and a global context."

The piece has been acknowledged for the ingenious way in which it tackles racial discrimination by focusing on the black human body. The artist uses elements invariably associated with black people in Brazil—samba, Carnival, and eroticism—in a disturbing manner, beginning by assuming a certain conformity or acceptance of said condition, but gradually becoming increasingly ironic and confrontational. In addition to Luiz de Abreu, who will receive a prize in the (gross) value of 70,000 Brazilian reals, ten residency prizes and four honorable mentions have been awarded to other artists. The award jury comprised the curators Cristiana Tejo (Brazil), Koyo Kouoh (Cameroon), Pablo Lafuente (Spain), Yolanda Wood Pujols (Cuba) and Rifky Effendy (Indonesia).

See below the full list of 18th Festival Southern Panoramas competitive show winners:

Grand Prize Luiz de Abreu (Brazil) Samba do Crioulo Doido, 2004, performance

Artist residency prizes Resartis residency prize at the A-I-R Laboratory, Warsaw, Poland Ali Cherri (Lebanon) Pipe Dreams, 2012, video installation

Sesc_Videobrasil residency prize at Raw Material Company, Dakar, Senegal Ayrson Heráclito (Brazil) Funfun, 2012, video installation

Sesc_Videobrasil residency prize at the Sacatar Institute, Salvador, Brazil Bakary Diallo (Mali) Tomo, 2012, video

Sesc_Videobrasil residency prize at Askal Awan, Beirut, Lebanon Basir Mahmood (Pakistan) My Father, 2010, video

Wexner residency prize at the Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, USA Gabriel Mascaro (Brazil) Doméstica, 2012, video

Resartis residency prize at the Arquetopia, Oaxaca, Mexico Laura Huertas Millan (Colombia) Journey to a Land Otherwise Known, 2011, video

FAAP residency prize at the Lutetia Building, São Paulo, Brazil LucFosther Diop (Cameroon) We Are One, 2010, video

China Art Foundation residency prize No Red Gate, Beijing, China Nurit Sharett (Israel) The Sun Glows Over the Mountains, 2012, video

ICCo – Institute for Contemporary Culture residency prize No Residency Unlimited, New York, USA Virgínia de Medeiros (Brazil) Sergio e Simone, 2010, video

Honorable mentions Caetano Dias (Brazil) Rabeca, 2013, video Enrique Ramirez (Chile) Brisas, 2008, video Marcellvs L. (Brazil) 9493, 2011, video installation Sherman Ong (Malaysia) Motherland, 2011, video installation

18th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil

Undertaking: Sesc São Paulo Associação Cultural Videobrasil

Cultural support: China Art Foundation, ICCo – Instituto de Cultura Contemporânea, Resartis, FAAP Artist Residency, Wexner Center for the Arts, Mondriaan Fonds, Arts Victoria, Consulate General of the Republic of Lithuania in São Paulo, Goethe-Institut, Embassy of Mexico in Brazil / Consulate General of Mexico in São Paulo, Consulate General of France in São Paulo, Norwegian Film Institute / Office for Contemporary Art Norway, WRO Art Center, Fundação Padre Anchieta - TV Cultura