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Tiger Awards Competition The Tiger Awards Competition intends to give up-and-coming talent the opportunity to shine on a global stage instead of those that have already made a name for themselves.

Bright Future The festival’s mission to draw attention to idiosyncratic, strong-willed and talented newcomers is not limited to the Tiger Awards Competition. Festival building block Bright Future is the place to find fresh new filmmakers.

Spectrum The festival’s Spectrum section keeps tabs on global cinema screening recent highlights from the international festival circuit and other impressive and contemporary works.

Shorts Short films occupy a prominent position throughout the programme. They are everywhere: part of an installation, as a short preceding a Pathé premiere and naturally there are lots of them at the Shorts headquarters LantarenVenster.

Signals: For Real The International Film Festival Rotterdam likes to look outside the confines of the projection screen. If you do too, then you shouldn’t miss the For Real part of the Signals programme in which not the cinema screen, but everyday reality constitutes the canvas for unforgettable performances.

Signals: Hidden Histories Recent films by Chinese documentary makers and films by versatile artist Ai Weiwei will be screened as part of Signals: Hidden Histories. The films highlight hidden aspects of Chinese society in an intimate and surprising way.

Signals: The Mouth of Garbage During this edition, King Winter doesn’t stand a chance. The film festival will raise the ambient temperature with a retrospective of controversial Brazilian trash, pulp and avant-garde films all with the notorious red light district of Boca do Lixo as their birthplace.

Signals: Power Cut Middle East Power Cut Middle East, a themed program within the IFFR’s main Signals section, presents recent films and visual art works from the region with a focus on Syria and Egypt. The program consists of short films, documentaries, feature films and visual art installations guided by discussions, lectures and artist talk.

Signals: Regained With Signals: Regained, the International Film Festival Rotterdam explores cinema’s treasure trove and screens restored classics, inexplicably forgotten masterpieces and films and documentaries that centre on cinema itself.

Kids on the Floor For the youngest generation of visitors, the IFFR has a very special programme: Kids on the Floor.

2012 International Film Festival Rotterdam
41st edition

Künstler: Wendelien van Oldenborgh, Glauber Rocha, Anka Sasnal / Wilhelm Sasnal ...

Kuratoren: If I Can´t Dance, I Don´t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution ...