artists & participants

Noor Ali ChaganiOzan AtalanAlisa BeketovaStacy BelevichevaMatilde BenmayorGregoire BluntPamela BredaEmilie BroutVladislav BrutEkaterina BurlygaOlga ButenopMartin CallananJuliana Cerqueira LeiteJulian CharriereEvian ChristRevital CohenJuan CovelliChris CoyMaria DalbergJasmin DaryaniPetr DavydtchenkoJonathan DoweckLiat ElblingKarin FerrariChristian FogarolliVerena FriedrichVeronika GeigerAdam GibneyFlorian GoldmannIuliana GolubKatharina GruzeiElisabeth HaustJoey HolderMarguerite HumeauAli Jan HaiderGraham KellyDaria KhlapovaFelix KiesslingPaul KnealeFabian KnechtDarya KoltsovaLilia KosyrevaEgor KraftKsenia KulevaJoshua LearyLogi Leo GunnarssonEkaterina LukoshkovaEli Maria LundgaardVlad LuninSteve MaherNadja Verena MarcinMaxime MarionHüseyin Mert ErverdiAlice MiceliZoe Claire MillerMarina MoskalenkoLee NevoAlisa NikolaevaIsmael OgandoPau PahanaTim ParchikovClaire PaugamDavide QuayolaMarina RagozinaAndrew RanvilleRune RasmussenFarid RasulovMartin ReicheVesna RohacekPaul Rosero ContrerasDavid RudnickJeremy Santiago-HorsemanHadas SattDagmar SchürrerJulia SelinJura ShustEmmy SkensvedTatiana SmirnovaJoe SobelRustan SöderlingWilf SpellerYulia SpiridonovaArya Sukapura PutraNatalia TikhonovaAlvaro UrbanoTuur van BalenIvar VeermäeMartin VolmanJulius von BismarckAddie WagenknechtBeny WagnerAndrew Norman WilsonHelga Wretman 


press release

Main theme 'Deep Inside'

Everyday, millions of people have out-of-body experiences, enabled by avatars on social media, or in multiplayer game worlds. Meanwhile, Google Earth and air travel make us accustomed to the god’s eye perspective of satellites, in orbit, beyond gravity. Set against the challenge of dealing with environmental change, the vagaries of a global economy, social instability, and the moral fallout from the information revolution, the poetry of escape grows ever more seductive. Lust for an absolute outside powers fantasies of emigration to unspoiled beaches, and exotic schemes to colonize Mars.

But what if such visions are traps and not escape? What if the ticket price is too high? With every blast­off, some earth is scorched. The tabula rasa is a modernist conceit. Its shimmering surface has, for too long, obscured the depth of fractals and the fact that, beyond a canvas or spreadsheet, there is no square one. Can’t we imagine a radical inside? For every evacuation plan we need a thousand reconceptions of home: not conservation but renovation of the spaces we inhabit—conceptual and material hacks. The weight of opposing forces, in static or attack, demands that we develop new forms of judo.

We are living through an acceleration that is profoundly altering society, ecology, and the parameters of identification. Networks establish a continuum between the wildest shores of sentient life and the facts of matter. A new generation of artists is exploring the multifaceted structure of this landscape. They are recording and remodeling the here and now from deep inside. Their tools are short circuits, cryptology, mutation, acts of hybridization and infection. They are subterranean builders, pirates, linguists and remixers. And we are already home.

The participating artists in the main exhibition "Deep Inside" include:, 1. Ozan Atalan, Turkey — USA, 2. Stacy Belevicheva, Ukraine, 3. Matilde Benmayor, Chile, 4. Julius von Bismarck, Germany, 5. Pamela Breda, Italy, 6. Vladislav Brut, Russia / Alisa Beketova, Kazakhstan — Russia, 7. Ekaterina Burlyga, Ukraine — Germany, 8. Olga Butenop, Russia, 9. Martin Callanan, Great Britain, 10. Noor Ali Chagani, Pakistan, 11. Julian Charrière, Switzerland — Germany, 12. Revital Cohen, Israel / Tuur van Balen, Belgium — Great Britain, 13. Juan Covelli, Colombia — Great Britain, 14. Chris Coy, USA, 15. María Dalberg, Iceland, 16. Jasmin Daryani, Iran — Sweden, 17. Petr Davydtchenko, Russia — Sweden — Great Britain, 18. Jonathan Doweck, Israel, 19. Liat Elbling, Israel, 20. Hüseyin Mert Erverdi, Turkey, 21. Karin Ferrari, Italy — Austria, 22. Christian Fogarolli, Italy, 23. Verena Friedrich, Germany, 24. Veronika Geiger, Denmark — Switzerland, 25. Adam Gibney, Ireland, 26. Iuliana Golub, Ukraine, 27. Florian Goldmann, Germany, 28. Katharina Gruzei, Austria, 29. Logi Leó Gunnarsson, Iceland, 30. Ali Jan Haider, Pakistan, 31. Elisabeth Haust, Russia — Czech Republic, 32. Joey Holder, Great Britain, 33. Marguerite Humeau, France — Great Britain, 34. Marc Johnson, France, 35. Graham Kelly, Great Britain — The Netherlands, 36. Daria Khlapova, Russia, 37. Felix Kiessling, Germany, 38. Paul Kneale, Canada, 39. Fabian Knecht, Germany, 40. Darya Koltsova, Ukraine, 41. Lilia Kosyreva, Russia, 42. Egor Kraft, Russia — Great Britain — Austria, 43. Ksenia Kuleva, Russia, 44. Joshua Leary (Evian Christ), Great Britain / David Rudnick, Great Britain — USA, 45. Juliana Cerqueira Leite, USA, 46. Ekaterina Lukoshkova, Russia, 47. Eli Maria Lundgaard, Norway, 48. Vlad Lunin, Ukraine — Canada, 49. Steve Maher, Ireland — Finland, 50. Nadja Verena Marcin, Germany — USA, 51. Maxime Marion, France / Émilie Brout, France, 52. Zoë Claire Miller, USA — Germany, 53. Alice Miceli, Brasil — The Netherlands, 54. Marina Moskalenko, Russia / Tatiana Smirnova, Russia, 55. Lee Nevo, Israel, 56. Alisa Nikolaeva, Russia — France, 57. Ismael Ogando, Dominican Rebulic, 58. Tim Parchikov, Russia, 59. Pau Pahana, USA — Germany, 60. Claire Paugam, France — Iceland, 61. Davide Quayola, Italy, 62. Marina Ragozina, Russia, 63. Martin Reiche, Germany, 64. Rune Rasmussen, Denmark, 65. Farid Rasulov, Azerbaijan, 66. Paul Rosero Contreras, Ecuador, 67. Vesna Rohaček, Croatia — Sweden, 68. Andrew Ranville, USA, 69. Jeremy Santiago-Horseman, USA, 70. Hadas Satt, Israel, 71. Dagmar Schürrer, Austria — Germany, 72. Julia Selin, Sweden, 73. Jura Shust, Belarus — Belgium, 74. Rustan Söderling, Sweden — The Netherlands, 75. Emmy Skensved, Canada — Germany / Grégoire Blunt, Canada — Germany, 76. Joe Sobel, USA — France, 77. Wilf Speller, Great Britain, 78. Yulia Spiridonova, Russia, 79. Arya Sukapura Putra, Indonesia, 80. Natalia Tikhonova, Russia, 81. Alvaro Urbano, Spain — Germany, 82. Ivar Veermäe, Estonia — Germany, 83. Martin Volman, Argentina — Germany, 84. Addie Wagenknecht, USA — Austria, 85. Beny Wagner, Germany — USA, 86. Andrew Norman Wilson, Germany — USA, 87. Helga Wretman, Sweden — Germany