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Opening May 21th at 7:00p.m.

9 or 10 works I used to like, in no order *

In an historical context where very abstract, specific or complex concepts are frequently used to explain the realization of anexhibition, this project aims to underline the value of personal enjoyment in a critical sense. Too often the two terms (enjoyment/critical) tend to be distinguished, creating almost two different ways of looking at art in a theoretical and curatorial sense.

Another aspect of the project consists in reflecting upon the importance of communication tools employed within an exhibition such as the title, invitation, catalogue and their influence on the public's reception. For this reason, three of the artists involved (Stefan Bruggemann - Nicola Pecoraro - Izet Sheshivari) have been asked to think about these elements for an exhibition and to work on them.

* Show title #269 by Stefan Brüggemann

Until 18 September 2007

Stefan Brüggemann | Sean Dack | Simon Dybbroe Møller | Jacob Dyrenforth | Nicola Pecoraro | Falke Pisano | Frédéric Post | Jeremy Shaw | Izet Sheshivari | Alexandre Singh | Meredyth Sparks

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9 or 10 works I used to like, in no order
Kurator: Luca Lo Pinto

mit Stefan Brüggemann, Sean Dack, Simon Dybbroe Moller, Jacob Dyrenforth, Nicola Pecoraro, Falke Pisano, Frederic Post, Jeremy Shaw, Izet Sheshivari, Alexandre Singh, Meredyth Sparks