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The history of Northwest art is rich and complex. How have the unique characteristics of this region shaped the work of artists? What influence have national and international trends had on Northwest art? These questions, as well as the major movements, important figures, and pivotal moments in the art history of the Northwest will be explored in this exhibition. Works will be drawn primarily from the museum’s permanent collection and will include work from the mid-1800s to the present day from Washington, Oregon, western Montana, Idaho, British Columbia, and Alaska.

A Concise History of Northwest Art

Künstler: Bo Barlett, Michael Brophy, Chuck Close, Ken Cory, Imogen Cunningham, James Fitzgerald, Morris Graves, Sarah Hood, Yvonne Twining Humber, Fay Jones, Jacob Lawrence, Hilda Morris, Robert Motherwell, Ambrose Patterson, Susan Seubert, Jeffrey Simmons, Mark Takamichi Miller, Mark Tobey, Peter Voulkos, Marie Watt, Alice Wheeler ...