press release

Wandsworth Council is pleased to announce ‘A Future Pump House’, a group exhibition curated by Nick Aikens. The exhibition will feature new work by invited artists who have previously exhibited at the gallery, selected students from the Royal College of Art and residents from within the Borough of Wandsworth following an open call-out.

‘A Future Pump House: Ideas, Thoughts and Plans’ takes at its starting point the position the gallery (and public galleries across the country) finds itself in following significant spending reviews. Galleries must ask pertinent questions; What is their role? Who do they serve, and how? What part will collaboration play in the Pump House, and other galleries futures?

These questions are equally pertinent for the council itself, Wandsworth residents, students of the RCA, artists who have benefited from exhibiting at the Pump House previously and emerging artists, keen for a place to show their work. ‘A Future Pump House’ is a series of reflections carried out by - and concerning - all of these people: a selection of ideas, thoughts and plans.

The question over the future direction of the Pump House is both a serious and relevant one. Yet, the exhibition aims to avoid an overly analytical or dogmatic approach. ‘A Future Pump House’ is as much a playful proposition, alluding to a set of imagined futures or solutions for the gallery and the building – futures that might be outside the realm of realistic possibilities. By inviting artists and participants to indulge in the notion of ‘future’ the exhibition places artistic and imaginative, as well as practical ideas alongside each other, and in so doing ask which will best equip us for what lies ahead.

A Future Pump House
Ideas, Thoughts and Plans

Künstler: Jonathan Allen, Simon Faithful, Christian Jankowski, Thomas Kilpper, Bik van der Pol, Henry VIII Wives, Richard Wentworth, Joe Drackford, Sian Gledhill, Rebecca Griffiths, Kevin Green, Julia Hayes, Eugenia Jokhova, Minae Kim, Wonwoo Lee, Tom Pope, Chris Succo ...