press release

A New Order
08.03.2019 - 07.07.2019

There are innumerable ways to join the dots and build connections between the works in A New Order, all of which have been selected from the Michael Buxton Collection. Within the exhibition and the work of the 12 artists represented, we encounter many interconnecting styles and themes: a will to order or to react against it, a tendency for systematic and serial methods, a push and pull within processes that favour chance as much as rules. Patterns become structures that can be seen as more than compositions, as intrinsic to the content of a work or even as its central subject. Found materials are repurposed and given new logics, from simple objects to complex systems such as language. Time and space are also used as kinds of ‘assisted readymades’. The cultural matrix of art history is sampled and brought into the present. The immaterial becomes material in works that shift our senses and challenge our perceptions. We might view all of these conceptual and manual activities—even the exhibition itself—as products of a simple starting point: that is, by varying something pre-existing, we set in motion something new.

Artists: Stephen Bram, Tony Clark, Daniel Crooks, Emily Floyd, Marco Fusinato, Rosalie Gascoigne, Diena Georgetti, John Nixon, Rose Nolan, Mike Parr, Daniel von Sturmer, Constanze Zikos.

Curated by Linda Short.