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"Par-delà l'expérience architecturale, les symboliques de la Maison blanche de Le Corbusier sont celles de l'offrande à ses parents, et de précoces voyages métamorphosant la complexité des influences et des échanges avec sa ville d'origine, en exil volontaire et définitif." Anthony Bannwart - 2006

The project « à ses parents - variations autour de Le Corbusier » written and directed by artist Anthony Bannwart encompasses an exhibition, a conference, concert, and cinema surrounding the subject of the exchange system manifesting itself between three factors: Charles-Edouard Jeanneret known as Le Corbusier, his parents, and the town of La Chaux-de-Fonds. It examines the phenomenon of offering and counter offering in the setting of a patrimony and ancestralisation, symbolized in this project by the Maison blanche built for his parents by Le Corbusier. Participants and events explore the theme of offering, origin, home, voluntary exile, and architectural vision. Alongside young artists, the participation from Louise Bourgeois, Felice Varini, and musicians Gershwin mother Tatiana, father Michel and son Pavel is notable. (àsp - 2006)

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à ses parents - variations autour de Le Corbusier

Louise Bourgeois, Felice Varini, Vassili Balatsos, hobbypopMUSEUM , Catharina Barich & Tania Stanic, Daniela Klein, Ben Rivers, Hontoban , Kyung Roh Bannwart, Hyungmin Yoon, Laurin Federlein, Dalia Neis, Josette Chiang, Pavel , Tatiana , Michel Gershwin

Anthony Bannwart, Patrick Ischer, Kyung Roh Bannwart, Frederic Gros-Gaudenier, Philippe Richard