press release

Nothing is enough for the man to whom enough is too little - Epicurus

Fortified by sweets and alco pops Acid Drops & Sugar Candy deconstructs Christmas time overindulgence with a show of small paintings and drawings by over 40 contemporary artists. Their acerbic little pearls delve deep into saccharine sweetness and pull out the inevitable dark depression that this annual seasonal excess brings.

The show is taking part at two venues and each artist is showing two works a Sugar Candy at Fosterart (20 Rivington Street, London EC2) and an Acid Drop at Transition.

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Künstler: Majed Aslam, Emi Avora, Paul Becker, Kiera Bennett, Anna Bjerger, Clive Brandon, Jorge Cabieses, G. L. Brierley, Leigh Clarke, Sam Dargan, Annabel Dover, Sarah Doyle, Stephen Harwood, Nadia Hebson, Sigrid Holmwood, Robert Holyhead, Jasper Joffe, Reece Jones, Peter Lamb, Damian Le Bas, Delaine Le Bas, Cathy Lomax, Fiona Lumbers, Gary McDonald, Jeff McMillan Zoe Mendelson, Alex Michon, Alex Gene Morrison, Eleanor Moreton, Paul Murphy, JA Nicholls, Marcus Oakley, Nichola Ollis, Claire Pestaille, Matthew de Pulford, Polly Read, Emily-Jo Sargent, Hans Scheirl, Rachel Shannon, Emma Talbot, Mimei Thompson, Sadie Tierney, Hitoko Urago, Vicky Wright, Isabel Young, Calum F.Kerr