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Adriana Garcia Galan, a Colombian artist, has developed a body of work that is playful and political. She is particularly interested in the question of language and in the power of words, both the basis of any communication in modern society and tools of its construction. Multimedia, video, sound or performance, her works often require the participation of the public, placing her work in a permanent exchange. “Programme de gouvernement” [Government Program] is a new work by Adriana Garcia Galan. With a perfectly blue sky as a background, two « beat boxers » recite the official agenda of Ségolène Royal and of Nicolas Sarkozy for the 2007 presidential elections. « Beat boxing » is an urban art whose characters are mostly part of the rap and hip hop cultures – cultures traditionally critical towards the political class. The political discourse is here transformed into rhythms and images generating a new point of view on power.

Adriana Garcia Galan [1977] Lives and works in Paris

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Adriana Garcia Galan
Programme de gouvernement