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Jirka Pfahl shows new work in Glue. Through a depersonalised work of self-portraiture he engages with gestures of handing-over and dissemination ... In the second stage of these multi-parted works he firstly foregrounds material qualities. Customized samples made from laminate, a standard interiors product, are abstracted stylistically - whether it suffices artistically will be seen.

A new installation by Mark Hamilton opens out from material-spatial conditions: woodchip wallpaper and parquet flooring, chipboard shelves, a tv - materials and a type of interior characteristic of domestic or small-scale entrepreneurial settings plus an ad-hoc display of models, copies, replicas - a constellation of 'things' re-configuring minimalist forms - improvised, looped, like a pirate radio version. What's the statement? Oppose the evil empire / We dream ikea.


After the Gold Rush
Mark Hamilton / Jirka Pfahl