press release

Paintings, lumino-kinetic objects, sculptural interventions into space, designs, photographs, and experimental films will be presented in a fascinating spectacle that is bound to change fundamentally the current perception of some important segments of recent artistic practice. Following the exhibition on Marginal Specifities - Avant-Garde Art in the Region, 1918-1989 at the Gallery Centre Varaždin (2005), which was transferred in 2006 to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Novi Sad, in 2007 to the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka, and in September 2007 to the Municipal Museum of Varaždin and the former factory of Varteks, the retrospective of Aleksandar Srnec is continuing the research on „the art of the margins and the margins of art" in terms of collection, museum preservation, scholarship, and art criticism.

The exhibition is based on those artworks which were presented at the Varaždin retrospective, but also includes an element of surprise, consisting in the reconstruction of the exhibition setting from 1969 especially for the occasion, at the exhibition venue on Catherine's Square, which formerly housed the Gallery of Contemporary Art.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an exhaustive monograph with contributions by Ješa Denegri, Feđa Vukić, and Hrvoje Turković, as well as a smaller catalogue made especially for the exhibition at MSU. Other events will include scholarly lectures, visual and musical workshops, film projections, and other programmes inspired by the art of A. Srnec.

Curator: Snježana Pintarić Curator's assistant: Ivana Janković

Aleksandar Srnec
Retrospective Exhibition