press release

ALFRED KUBIN 1900-1906
29 September – 3 November 2017

Richard Nagy will present the first solo exhibition in London dedicated to Austrian artist Alfred Kubin this autumn. Running from 29 September to 3 November, the exhibition will showcase 50 extraordinary drawings by Kubin, focusing on his most original and subversive body of work created in Munich between 1900 and 1906.

His works are not featured in any of the British public art collections and this is the first opportunity in London to discover this key turn of the century figure associated with the Symbolist and Expressionist movements.

The drawings presented by Richard Nagy are on loan from leading museums including the Albertina and the Leopold Museum (Vienna), as well as private collections from United States, Europe and Australia, including the Sammlung Faber-Castell (Stein). Highlights from the masterpieces on display include Syphilis (1901), Famine (1901), The Best Doctor (1901), Siberian Myth (1901/2) and Dwarf with Candle (1901/2) amongst others. Their unsettling imagery embody Kubin’s recurring themes such as death, sexuality, fertility, battle of the sexes, fear, violence, poverty, and myths; and confront their viewers with their own anxieties and urges.