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"After a strenuous 800-mile hike through dark forests and the merciless heat of the sun, models Chicago and Baltimore and their Agent find their temporary home on a tilted tree in a subtropical area of Griffith Park….."

With this introduction, Alice Könitz shows her new film together with sculptures and masks worn by the actors in the film. The film departs where her last solo exhibition at the gallery left off - it develops a loose narrative in which actors wearing owl masks reminiscent of her previous owl drawings converse in a beautiful wooded area of Griffith Park. Filmed in three single shots, it documents two distinct nature scenes. The actors, dressed in geometrized costumes, recite a script that is collaged from classic, modern, and contemporary playwrights such as Peter Handke, Anton Chekhov, Bertolt Brecht, Eugene Ionesco and Gean Genet.

Alice Kőnitz received her MFA at the California Institute for the Arts, Valencia, and finished her studies at the Academy Duesseldorf as a Master Student. She has had solo exhibitions of her work at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), Los Angeles, Chicago Project Rom, Los Angeles, and at Galerie Luis Campagna, Cologne. Her work has been included in the "International Paper" show at the UCLA Hammer Museum, Santa Monica, the Marc Foxx Gallery, the Rosamund Felsen Gallery, and at the London Institute, London. This is her second solo exhibition at the gallery.


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Alice Könitz
Owl Society - Part Two