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A kind of "self service station", the video library includes a selection of 28 video and film works dealing with the issue of migration and language. The works, available on VHS, can be watched on two monitors with headphones in the library of the SI. The video library offers the viewer a quiet and focused environment using an existing structure of the library of the Institute.

The issue of migration with all its political and social aspects - immigrant experiences, racism and prejudices against foreigners, work/labor exploitation - has become more urgent through recent political events: the rise of right wing governments, the increased influence of nationalist parties and the discussion of new immigration policies in Europe and the US.

The selected works focus on aspects and effects of the phenomena of globalization, the flow of goods, capital and labor, the meaning of borders and the importance of language. They tell stories of migrants who leave their home countries driven by poverty, persecution, or just the hope for a better life, and talk about challenges they face in their new homes. The program is a personal selection of works of artists and filmmakers examining these issues. It is to be understood as work in progress, which aims to raise awareness and discussion.


Alien 2 / Video Library and Screening
Projekt von Heidrun Holzfeind

mit Ursula Biemann, Songül Boyraz / Peter Höll, Pier Paolo Coro, Heather Courtney, Gustav Deutsch / Mostafa Tabbou, Rainer Ganahl, Heidrun Holzfeind, Ruth Kaaserer, Klub Zwei, Micah Magee, Diane Nerwen, Jenny Perlin, Marco Poloni, Walid Ra´ad, Goran Radovanovic, Oliver Ressler, Martin Krenn, Alex Rivera, Andrea Staka, Hito Steyerl, Susanne Winterling, Sislej Xhafa