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After the period spent on Brijuni Islands in the framework of G-MK research- residency program in March 2007, Austrian artist Almut Rink presents new project Contact Zone, a video-installation showing her own subjective and selective approach to Brijuni island. The artist is reading the island by it’s historical footprints: the perception of spaces and animals on the island. The animals Tito was collecting on the island, are to a certain degree anthropomorphized and therefore unreal. They were nonetheless “authentic” by being apt projections of modern anxieties- particularly the desire to transcend an over civilized, artificial existence and experience real, even primal, sensations. In Contact Zone the line between fact and fiction is repeatedly crossed, using strategies of commentary and mystification taken over from a cinematic representation of wilderness. A network of multiple references is arising by questioning the environment from an animal-point of view – what the landscape looks like, why it looks like it does, what it is, how do we define it?

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Almut Rink: Contact Zone