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Artists' interpretations of interior and exterior spaces are showcased by site-specific installations and other mediums that renegotiate physical space. Participating artists include Robert Beck, Greg Hull, Jesper Just, Vincent Lamouroux and Sean McFarland.

Robert Beck's installation literally turns space on its side as he transforms a corner of the gallery. Greg Hull's installation Night Orchid, a kinetic light sculpture to be placed permanently on the roof of the historic Emelie Building, will alter the cityscape as it will be visible from surrounding neighborhoods as well as respond to altering climatic conditions. Patrons will be able to screen Jesper Just's film "Bliss and Heaven" in a semi trailer video lounge located in front of the iMOCA galleries. Just's film follows a young man on his quest to reveal an older man's secret life and sexuality. Internationally exhibited artist Vincent Lamouroux will create a site-specific floor installation in the iMOCA galleries such as has been exhibited in New York, Miami and Paris. The piece will have a spellbinding effect, transforming the perception of our surroundings and encouraging patrons to interact with the environment with renewed self-consciousness. The photographs of Sean McFarland, characterized by a dramatic depth of field, reduce generic cityscapes to the scale of a model train set.


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Altered Spaces
Robert Beck, Greg Hull, Jesper Just, Vincent Lamouroux, Sean McFarland