press release

Billboard project on the corner of Sunset Boulevard & Olive Drive (one block east of La Cienega) in collaboration with The City of West Hollywood's Art on the Outside Initiative and Viacom Outdoor.

Los Angeles based photographer Amir Zaki renders southern California suburban landscapes and architecture as fantastical and impossible architectonic structures. "Spring Through Winter" presents his investigations into the entropy of architecture in a suite of photographs of exterior cantilevered architecture, aerial perspective swimming pools, and interior fireplaces. While committed to the mundane, the work is subtle and disorienting, transforming architecture into ineffectual relics. Originally modernist homes that have been refaced and restructured due to multiple earthquakes, renovations, or redecoration, the artist’s interventions become sculpturally dynamic, dramatic, and dystopic.

The billboard project is part of the West Hollywood Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission Art on the Outside Program.


Amir Zaki "Spring through Winter"
Architectural Photography
Kuratorin: Lauri Firstenberg