press release

Foam presents a retrospective exhibition of André Kertész (1894-1985), from 15 September onwards. With his poetic work, Kertész is renowned for his extraordinary contribution to the visual language of 20th-century photography. Mirroring Life comprises of early work made in Hungary, his homeland, to Paris and New York. Kertész' style ultimately bloomed in his beloved Paris, where he captured simple things from different perspectives with remarkable eye for detail and composition. Artist friends, shop windows, posters and symbols on the street, shadows cast by trees, children playing, a pair of glasses laying on a table; they all became subject in front of his camera. Mirroring Life displays a large number of black-and-white prints, a selection of his colour photographs, and a number of historical documents from his personal archive, highlighting his exceptional creative brilliance to reconstruct reality through unusual compositions. The exhibition opens on Thursday 14 September and will be on show until 10 January 2018.