press release

It is with great pleasure Showroom is able to invite to the opening of the exhibition “Backdrop” with Andreas Koch, curated by Tine Bundgaard Quedenbaum.

The exhibition will further more be open at the Copenhagen alternative artfair, altcph that will take place from the 22. til 24. September.

The eight mobile walls of Showroom, will on this occation be situated in different positions, displaced in a way so that they all together create a scenographic landscape to walk through.

The exhibition consists of this kind of photographic landscape, made out of a mixture of different film and blown up photos.

The motif of the photos change between extreme close-ups, blown up, and different panoramas.

The film is made out of animated photos, and it creates a motion through the pictures which is experienced as 3D. The film is endlessly changing of point of views, so you get the feeling of falling through a monumental landscape, then through a window with a plant, and again through a sea panorama etc.

“My work is mainly about space, which I reorganize and make visible with different medias like photography, film, sculpture and mixed media. Therefore I often change the scale and relations between objects. Right now I work on the transformation of two dimensional surfaces into three dimensional sculptures or films”.

Andreas Koch has recently participated in Pari Nadimi Gallery in Toronto, Büro Friedrich, Berlinskaja Lazur Martin-Gropius-Bau, Sampler loop- raum für Aktuelle kunst in Berlin and is going to exhiitit on the Goethe Institut in Toronto.

Andreas Koch has been the founder of the Berliner Galleri Koch und Kesslau from 1996-2004

Andreas Koch (*1970) in Stuttgart, lives and works in Berlin

only in german

Andreas Koch
Kurator: Tine Bundgaard Quedenbaum