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In his upcoming exhibition entitled “Waiting Rooms” at Galerie Akinci, Andrei Roiter continues to treat the subjects of travel and transitions in his usual earthy, handmade, lo-tech aesthetics.

Exploring the metaphorical space of waiting, Roiter asks what we do with our time as we all sit in the waiting room of life. Often our minds try to make sense of our past, or they wander down possible paths of the future. Roiter chooses, optimistically, to see that waiting can lead you to creative acts. He taps into the basic human inspiration to put our thoughts and experiences in order, recording memory and marking the events of our life. For Roiter, these impulses find expression in, among many ways, photo albums and collections.

An architectural motif predominates in the installation, with an emphasis on objects, but also including paintings and drawings. Wooden models of broken-down shacks stand as humorous, poetic representations of waiting rooms, while paintings and drawings variously depict strange, otherworldly tree-houses and other marginal spaces<

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Andrei Roiter
Waiting Rooms