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Opening Sunday 15 June, 15.00 hrs

This summer Stadsgalerij Heerlen presents two solo exhibitions of works by Andrei Roiter (Russia, 1960) and Tjorg Douglas Beer (Germany, 1973); two artists who travel the world with their very own artistic approach. Roiter blends art and philosophy, past and present, childhood memories and a contemporary vision of life into simple poetic images. With each new exhibition he builds a temporary home for himself with objects, paintings, sketches and photos. His work will be exhibited for the first time in a Dutch museum; the opening is on Sunday 15 June at 15.00 hours. Russian artist Andrei Roiter creates with his works a world in which everyday, insignificant, lost and sometimes silly objects acquire a soul and meaning all of their own. Roiter likes old things; “Important things live long”, he once said, “and get shabby.”

His work reflects his nomadic lifestyle: in the course of his many journeys he collects objects and images that happen to cross his path. He takes these ‘souvenirs’ back to his studio or makes photos of them and uses them (sometimes years later) in his work. Roiter could be described as an archaeologist who specialises in the mundane objects of everyday life, objects that he highlights in his work and comments upon with customary humour. His paintings with their diffuse images, subdued tones and easy brushstrokes are, in a sense, the embodiment of homelessness and displacement. Solitary objects float over temperate backgrounds, at once ethereal and lonely. These are not so much assertive icons, but rather they are unresolved memories, laments for places and things that no longer exist. But there is no sentimentality or audacity in Roiter’s work; his paintings, water colours and objects exude a melancholy relationship with life and an omnipresent awareness of the transitory nature of so many histories.

Andrei Roiter was born in Moscow (1960) and has been living and working in Amsterdam and New York since 1990. He studied at the Institute of Architecture in Moskou. His work has been exhibited in countries all over the world at galleries and museums including Germany, Finland, Russia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States (a.o. Kunsthalle Basel; Kunsthalle Recklinghausen; Galleri Anhava/Helsinki; 2nd Moscow Biennale; Laura Bartlett Gallery/London; Galerie Akinci/ Amsterdam). An artist’s book will be published to coincide with the exhibition, in a limited edition.

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