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Preview 8 December 6-8pm

Four is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new work by Andrew Vickery. In his paintings all the world is a stage where experiences are always intimated. Andrew Vickery's paintings are never what they seem. Their deceptively simple approach to depiction invites the viewer into a world that is cloaked in melodrama.

Andrew’s style appears simple, appearances are depicted quite literally – mountains are pointy, desks are brown and roads recede into the distance. Often things correspond with the way we expect or know them to look, not necessarily as they might really do. Memory is in part the subject of his work they express memory’s elusiveness, its tricks and unreliability. The paintings paradoxically are both very particular but also seem usefully emblematic. We sense that they show real places, refer to real events but they are also mostly very familiar, recognisable.

Born in Devon in 1963, Vickery now lives and works in Dublin. Recent exhibitions include a solo show, 'Do you know what you saw?' at the Douglas Hyde Gallery 2 and group shows; 25 Years On, Ormeau Baths Gallery, 2006; Tír na nÓg, Irish Museum of Modern Art, 2004; Mark Garry, Tony Swain, Andrew Vickery, Kerlin Gallery, 2004; Permaculture, Project Gallery, 2003; The Holiday Show, RHA Gallery, 2002 and Utopias, Douglas Hyde Gallery, 1999. Vickery's recent installation at the Douglas Hyde Gallery now resides in the collection of The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin.

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Andrew Vickery