press release

From the vast oeuvre of Andrzej Dluzniewski , embracing painting, drawing, poster design, photography, installations and literary forms ranging from fiction to concrete poetry (2000 saw the publication by the Twój Styl of his book Odlot [Take-off]), we present, in a much limited form, two motifs selected by the artist. One is represented by the paintings Rodzaj ˝eƒski [Feminine Gender] and Para – woda – lód [Steam–Water–Ice], manifesting the artist’s interest in the meaning of words and their gender, dating from the mid-1980s. Apparently the simplest, the distinctions have definite implications on which we usually do not ponder. We know that the gender of words in other languages, provided that there is a division into genders, does not necessarily coincide with that in the Polish language. Let us imagine for a while, however, that words such as earth or war are masculine. The whole symbolism of the words immediately changes, and they are deprived of the substitutes and imagery accompanying them for centuries


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Andrzej Dluzniewski
Gallery Kordegarda