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LEONOR ANTUNES "1785/87/90 – 2010" Various series of works produced by the artist as a result of the research she has been carrying out in Brazil since 2008. Along with a specific project executed in 2010, and entitled "1785/87/90-2010" –which also includes the publication of a book by the artist-, the show offers some of her previous works. These pieces are closely related to different historical moments that the artist explores in her sculptural practice, in a continual study of forms and materials. A production of objects, by means of the transformation of the "materials" contained in the stories told through her journeys.

ERIKA ARZT + JUAN LINARES "The Wheel" On the 8th of November 2009, a day before the 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, we re-activated for a day the Ferris Wheel (initially inaugurated for the 40th Anniversary of the GDR, a month before the fall of the wall) of a now defunct Luna Park, built in 1969 in the former GDR. The fall of the wall represented the fall of communism and the consolidation of neo-liberalism as the main ideological framework, which, ironically, has lead us to a global financial crisis which has brought about a questioning of its foundations

NADIA BARKATE + MARION CRUZA "Red River / Rio Tinto" "Red River / Río Tinto" is not a "making of", in the sense of a film documenting the shooting of a movie, but a film paused at an initial moment, before the opening credits roll, which examines the process of making, deciding and generating structure. It is also the projection of the desire to make a Western.

NIAMH O'MALLEY "Island" This work was filmed on a lake island in Ireland called Lough Derg. This remote place, a pilgrimage destination for centuries, is a site of distance and discipline. The structure of the video matches the natural momentum of the island itself; an intuitive choreography of rhythm and repetition.

PALOMA POLO "Enough Redundancy in the System" "Enough Redundancy in the System" unfolds during a "test closure" executed by the technical team for Maeslant, a storm surge barrier situated in the port of Rotterdam. This civil engineering project was completed eleven years ago as part of the "Delta Project" programme carried out by the Dutch government to protect the country from possible rises in water level within its territory.

CARISSA RODRIGUEZ "Secrétaire" The exhibition begins with a reflection on the double meaning of the French word "secrétaire" where the unit of furniture designed for the place occupied by an employee assigned to carry out administrative tasks is given the same name as its occupant. From this homonym Rodriguez proposes different "deviations" of the work desk in a series of sculptures imprinted with graphic information.

JORGE SATORRE "The Indirect Gaze" This research work in progress examines the destruction and disappearance of prehistoric megaliths throughout the history of Europe. Many of these megaliths were considered to be "mute monuments" as they revealed no kind of clue as to their original function or value. These types of constructions represent one of the most basic spontaneous expressions of monumentality, while revealing, at the same time, due to the lack of information regarding their origins, an ability to mutate their significance over the centuries.

AZUCENA VIEITES "Collages: Break Out of Your Shell" "Collages: Break Out of Your Shell" seeks to represent an experience of transit related to a specific time through a certain idea of translation, in what is a necessary effort to contextualise and contribute to an understanding of the present moment. The zine or femzine, i.e. feminist fanzine, was a reference point during the development of this project, following a genealogy suited to this means of expression.

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Art and Research 09

Künstler: Leonor Antunes, Erika Arzt & Juan Linares, Nadia Barkate & Marion Cruza, Niamh O´Malley, Paloma Polo, Carissa Rodriguez, Jorge Satorre, Azucena Vieites