press release


07.11.2020 - 23.01.2021

Werner Bauer, Horst Bartnig, Bob Bonies, Hellmut Bruch, Inge Dick, Gerhard Frömel, Tibor Gayor, Camille Graeser, Niko Grindler, Ingrid Hornef, Dora Maurer, Manfred Mohr, François Morellet, Vera Molnar, Marcello Morandini, Gert Riel, Bernhard Sandfort, Diet Sayler, Hans Schork, Klaus Staudt, Ludwig Wilding, Turi Simeti, Peter Staechelin, Erwin Steller, Shizuko Yoshikawa

Linde Hollinger, Dirk Martin

As the grand finale of its ‘Artists After Eighty’ exhibition series, the Galerie Linde Hollinger is presenting an overall view with a selection of the works shown over the past months. Additional pieces by the artists will be included that expand upon the show’s motto as a survey exhibition, thus documenting the gallery’s multifaceted activities over the past thirty years. The gallery’s exhibition programme demonstrates how innovative and varied abstract geometrical and especially constructive concrete art was and still is. The gallery’s artists have in the meanwhile advanced to become some of the leading exponents of non-representational abstraction in the recent history of art. These include such artists as Vera Molnar, Manfred Mohr, Diet Sayler, Werner Bauer, Gert Riel, Horst Bartnig and Hellmut Bruch etc., whose works have found their way into national and international museums and collections. Following the conclusion of this exhibition cycle, a show featuring works by Inge Dick, which will round off the programme in terms of form and content, is planned for late next year due to organisational considerations.

The art dealer Linde Hollinger, who graduated from the Stuttgart Academy of Art and Design and worked as a student in Anton Stankowski’s studio, turned her love for abstract art into her profession and has maintained close personal and professional ties to the artists she represents in her gallery: ‘Contacts and encounters with works of art as well as with the artists themselves has become an essential part of my life. I would not want to do without it because it brings me much joy and in many regards has enriched my life both intellectually and emotionally.’

Because of her personal enthusiasm and her activities as an art dealer, Linde Hollinger has been able to act as an intermediary between artist and museum as well as public and private collections. As an example, a monographic exhibition dedicated to the work of Vera Molnar has been on show since October at the Museum Ritter in Waldenbuch. In the Rhein-Neckar metropolitan area, the gallery cooperated in the past with such institutions as the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum in Ludwigshafen as well as the Kunstverein Mannheim and the Kunstverein Speyer.

Along with painting and graphics, abstract geometrical art also developed tendencies like kinetic art, computer art and light art. The roots of these artistic directions surely also rest in the Suprematist and Constructivist art of the first decades of the 20th century. As the many diverse works on view in ‘Artists After Eighty’ clearly demonstrate, it is especially the generation of artists represented in this large-scale survey exhibition who added a wide range of creative possibilities to the idea of non-representational abstraction. We hope you will enjoy this special exhibition highlight of the final months of this year and at the start of the coming year.

Dirk Martin