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An exhibition of leading and emerging contemporary New Zealand and international artists exploring aspects of PUBLIC/PRIVATE . With 39 artists' projects in all, this extensive exhibition will be presented at The Auckland Art Gallery, University of Auckland's Gus Fisher and George Fraser Galleries, ARTSPACE and a number of city sites. Leading and emerging artists from New Zealand, the United States, the Netherlands, Australia, the United Kingdom, USSR, Taiwan, Japan, the Republic of South Africa, Denmark, Mexico, and Germany will open up, probe and consider the very idea of privacy, creating a dynamic experiential dimension for audiences to enjoy, challenge and discuss.

The 2nd Auckland Triennial 2004
PUBLIC/PRIVATE Tumatanui/Tumataiti

Künstler: Mark Adams, Tiong Ang, Lonnie Hutchinson, Emily Mafileo, Thando Mama, Lisa Reihana, Sangeeta Sandrasegar, Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie, John Barbour, Mutlu Çerkez, Chris Cunningham, Fiona Pardington, Neil Pardington, Yuan Goang-Ming, Polly Borland, Louisa Bufardeci, et al. , Kathleen Herbert, Emiko Kasahara, Callum Morton, Lorna Simpson, Jane & Louise Wilson, Jenny Holzer, Kao Chung-Li, Ilya Kabakov, Emilia Kabakov, William Kentridge, Jakob Kolding, Lauren Lysaght, Senzeni Marasela, Teresa Margolles, Catherine Rogers, Ava Seymour, Sean Snyder, Kathy Temin, Laurie Anderson, Margaret Dawson, Andrew McLeod, Julia Morison, Robert Pulie