press release

“Auto Body” is a performance and video art platform for the elevation of women’s bodies in which the artists perform, stage and digitally manipulate themselves. More than 40 women artists from around the world occupy both conceptual and physical space with their bodies, which are all too often glaringly absent from the broader art world.

“Auto Body” fills the Sala Molinos space, creating a new polyphonic record of diverse actions and voices.“Auto Body” makes clear that as strict divisions between artistic disciplines continue to crumble, contemporary forms of cultural production utilize performativity and temporality to excavate the enduring and often haunting marks left on our bodies.

The exhibition made its debut in December 2014 during Miami Art Week, with 35 international women performance and video artists. Following the submission of hundreds of nominations from 26 women curators from around the world, a local curatorial committee comprised of Chana Budgazad Sheldon, Ximena Caminos, Tami Katz-Freiman and Brandi Reddick selected the final 35 artists for the exhibition. With each new city to which “Auto Body” travels, a local curatorial committee selects works by local artists to be added to the show—continually fostering a new exchange of ideas and an international conversation on the political and economic inequalities of the art world and beyond.

The Argentine curatorial committee — Ximena Caminos, Larisa Zmud, curator and co-founder of Slyzmud Gallery and Vivi Tellas, independent curator and theater director — selected an additional nine local artists. The upcoming presentation, which marks the project’s first international stop, will occupy the entirety of Sala Molinos in addition to public spaces around the Faena Art Center.

Sala Molinos, May 31st to June 8th