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BARE HOUSE. Pori - Rotterdam - Ulaanbaatar is an international exhibition and publication project that comments on the built environment, refl ecting upon the past and present ideals of modern society through Western welfare states and the Third World. The project focuses especially on architecture and the dimensions of personal existence. Modernisation with its belief in prefabricated construction and standards is challenged by the potential for autonomous construction. The artists and architects featured in the exhibition come from Finland, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia and Mongolia. Most of the works in the show were created during artist residencies in Mongolia, the Netherlands and Pori. Curator: Annu Wilenius.

In cooperation with: TAIK, Pori AIR - Artist in Residency, Foundation Kaus Australis, Open Society Institute & The Soros Foundations Network.

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Poriginal Gallery and Pori Art Museum/ Mediapoint, Sculpture Garden
Kurator: Annu Wilenius

Künstler: Bayanbat Chinbat, Gregory Cowan, Ser-Odin Dolgor, Togmidshiirevin Enkhbold, Michael Fürst, Sedbazarin Ganzug, Katrin Hornek, Aletta de Jong, Sonia Leimer, Christian Mayer, Ana Rewakowicz, Christine Saalfeld, Annu Wilenius & Oula Salokannel