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The Tiger's Mind is an abstract crime thriller set against the backdrop of a modernist villa. Six characters, The Tiger, The Mind, The Tree, Wind, The Circle and a girl called Amy (the set, the music, the sounds, the special effects, the director and narration respectively) battle one another for control of the film as it unfolds on screen. The film explores the relationships between these characters as they emerge and unfold: grappling, wrestling, and dreaming with one another.

The Tiger's Mind is based on an experimental narrative score of the same title, written in 1967 by the radical British composer Cornelius Cardew. Departing from the character based and improvisatory nature of the score, and working with a fixed group of artists for over a year long period (Alex Waterman as the Tree, Jesse Ash as the Wind, John Tilbury as the Mind, Celine Condorelli as the Tiger, Will Holder as Amy and Gibson as the Circle), the film deployed the score as a production structure inviting the participants to develop its varying components: soundtrack, set, special effects, music and text. The resulting piece documents its own making in fictional form, extending narrative and character to the production process itself, dramatising and re-staging it for film. Tiger's sets, Mind's music, Wind's effects, Tree's sounds, Amy's narration and Circle's direction all knock up against each other in a battle for primacy.

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Beatrice Gibson
The tiger's mind