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Bedwyr Williams is interested in the worst, worst-case scenario and the people that get caught up in them; average sized people in over-sized situations. Echt, his major new commission for the T2 space at Tramway, presents a full size diorama of such an encounter in a dark forest clearing. The immersive installation includes a new film depicting a dystopian future in which a fast-track feudal system has left the country divided among new chieftains. In this new world where status is based on conspicuous consumption, hoarders are kings. They have set up their new courts in former dance halls and clubs, populated by a host of Bedwyr’s acutely observed characters.

Performance Event. Bedwyr Williams and Michael Smith discuss the critical role of humour within their work with Mark Beasley (curator at Performa). The discussion will be followed by individual performances by both artists -more information.

Co-curated with Mark Beasley. Commissioned by Glasgow International.

Bedwyr Williams. Echt
Part of Glasgwo International 2014.

Bedwyr Williams

Mark Beasley ...