press release

Shifted from a familiar mental movement, we suddenly find ourselves in the middle - in between objects, between this and that meaning, between one fiction and many others. "Between One Time and Another" unhinges a series of narratives and stories, re-choreographing them in a different way. Documented as fragments, suspended in time and decomposed into narrative textures and ideological strands, they are investigated, filtered and rearranged in a new light. Narratives and stories take on a different sort of legibility, giving insight into the workings of their historical effects. Arranged in seemingly static configurations, the artists refract the light of historical facts, turning cartographies upside down. They speculate on future pasts, question stratigraphic oracles and expose new concepts of ‘otherness’ as outdated strategies of alienation. Mute things are given a voice and once forgotten ideas reappear as fantastic interpretations of today's power relations, yielding a collection of told stories and untold histories, strange encounters with local heroes and fossil witnesses of colonial inversion. Together they create a multi-perspective projection machine, sharpening our eye to narrative layers of power, violence and hegemony over the supposed ‘other’.