press release

Established in 2002, the Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth was developed by its Founding Director Paul Thomas (co-ordinator of the Studio for Electronic Arts) in collaboration with the John Curtin Gallery, Curtin University of Technology. BEAP was established as the premiere electronic arts event in Australia and is currently the only Electronic Arts Biennale in the Southern Hemisphere. The event involved theorists and practitioners in the field of developing electronic technologies.

BEAP 2004 will be produced in collaboration with the John Curtin Gallery, Studio for Electronic Arts, SymbioticA and SoundCulture, forming alliances with a wide range of Perth based cultural organizations, and will incorporate links with international new media arts events the Biennale of Electronic Arts, Ohio and ISEA.

The title of BEAP 2004 is 'SameDifference' which examines notions of 'Difference' and the 'Denial of Difference'. The biennale will explore the technological transformation, transcendence and transmutation of our traditional knowledge systems which are currently being challenged by globalisation and rapid technological change.

BEAP 2004 has identified the following five broad thematics as the core of the 2004 Biennale, investigating areas of 'Difference' and the 'Denial of Difference' focusing upon:

Sonic-Differences; Re-sounding the World. Bio-Differences; Born and Bred. Data-Differences; The dissolution of locale. Perceptual-Differences; Vision systems. * Distributed-Differences; Cultures of conflict.

BEAP 2004 will encourage original research and development projects that address these topics and that are undertaken during the period 2002 - 2004 with anticipated exhibition outcomes in 2004.

BEAP 2004 proposes a series of five critical investigations in the form of exhibitions, conferences & seminars, performances, screenings and internet based work.

BEAP 2004 seeks to encourage fresh research and development topics leading towards the creation of new work during 2003 - 2004. The programme committee will encourage and initiate research strategies which lead to public outcomes. The five areas of investigation will become the basis of the exhibitions interconnected by themes conceptual framework. Attached to each exhibition will be a one-day conference that directly references the exhibition themes. The series of five conferences will form an intensive week of activity. The initial conference week will be followed by an ongoing series of workshops, seminars and performance events that will maintain an enriching environment for critical interrogation and debate throughout the duration of the exhibitions. BEAP 2004 will act as an organisational hub, encouraging a modular system of co-productions and collaborations and will liaise directly with venues to showcase the work. BEAP 2004