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This bold new exhibition features work by contemporary video artists Bill Viola and Lorna Simpson. Both artists respond directly to European painterly tradition by using film and digital technology to explore the represenation of themes found in early Renaissance and Old Master works. Two of the four works featured in this exhibition are new recent acquisitions and represent an ambitious new direction for the Hood's collection.

Images: Bill Viola, American, born 1951, The Quintet of the Silent, 2000, single-channel video on wall-mounted plasma screen. Purchased through gifts from the Lathrop Fellows; MIS.2002.7. Photo by Kira Perov. © Bill Viola

Lorna Simpson, American, born 1960, Corridor, 2003, color HD video transferred to DVD. Courtesy Sean Kelly Gallery, New York

This exhibition was organized by the Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, and is generously funded by the William Chase Grant 1919 Memorial Fund and the Hansen Family Fund.

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Transcending Time
Recent Works by Bill Viola and Lorna Simpson
Ort: Hood Museum