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»Black Box« is the idea of externally perceptible behavioral patterns of a particular system, of a complex transitional space, or a non-space. In everyday language, the simplest model has advanced towards being a paradigm: through the reproducibility of sense perceptions, analogous to the black box of an airplane, an archive of memories and associations is constructed. It is a transistor, able to absorb and transform information. But, following La Mettrie s »L homme machine«, the theoretical conception of a black box can also be seen to extend beyond allegory to an all-encompassing surveillance of future, possible and so far impossible events. Attempts to define mental states solely through the input and output behaviour of a black box are increasingly popular, and radically question the self-perception of modern man.

What, then, discerns man and machine, if at the same causal efficiency they are simply different but seemingly equivalent physical realizations of the same pattern of behavior? How can we counter the purely syntactic symbol manipulation of complex algorithms? Fundamental questions of this kind evade clear answers and call for analysis in the area of tension provided by individual introspection and artistic work.

The three artists approach the subject »Black Box« as experimenters, thereby creating a system of tests in which events can be followed, but which also lends itself to substantiating different modus operandi. Oscillating between possible and impossible implementations, they transform notions of reality and illusion into a dimension of functional describability, while revealing the character of the exhibition space as an in-between place.

The artists approach is closer to an unveiling than a usage of the space, marking less an attempt at organization than the activation of forms of behavior and conditions. The artistic media used in this range from photographs and drawings to installation and sound. Not least of all, the exhibition is marked by a moment of ignorance, in which none of the artists are aware of each other s intentions and strategies.

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Black Box
Kurator: Michael Rade

Künstler: Benjamin Laurent Aman, Sebastien Maloberti, Marcel Türkowsky