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BLESS (founded in 1993), is an ongoing collaborative project by Desiree Heiss (Freiburg, Germany, 1971) and Ines Kaag (Fürth, Germany, 1970) that generates products which are, to put it mildly, rather strange. The products are the result of personal needs in the areas of work, cooperation and life, and bypass existing archetypes and conventions. BLESS manifests itself in various areas of design, without consciously attempting to relate to any specific one, or laying claim to border areas. BLESS is synonymous with freedom. If you closely examine the oeuvre of Kaag and Heiss, you do find constants like a fascination for recycling materials, the alienation of functions, deconstruction and an interest in fabrics and traditional needlework techniques such as embroidering, knitting, crocheting and spool knitting. The highlights include scarves made of old pieces of clothing, vacuum cleaners in the shape of a chair and chains that, for once, do not hide ugly leads, cables, sockets and adapters, but display them prominently.

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BLESS : Desiree Heiß / Ines Kaag