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Calin Dan is an artist and theoretician who lives and works in Amsterdam and Bucharest. Dan’s work consists in identifying, and reflecting upon points of crisis in the relation between communities and their built environment. In his lecture at Platform he will focus on urban and social transformation and the manifestations of political and economic powers in the shaping and re-shaping of urban structures, specifically in the contexts of the cities of Bucharest in Romania and Talin in Estonia. The artist will draw a base image of the city with support of documentary images and of information coming from various sub cultural sectors such as film and music. He will also present examples of projects by “subREAL”, an artist group he confounded with Josif Király in 1990.

Calin Dan was born in Arad, Romania in 1955. He completed his graduate studies in art history and art theory at the Bucharest Art Academy. In 2005 his work was presented in the exhibition That from a long way off look like flies at Platform. In the same year he also participated in: Sous les ponts, Casino Luxembourg, Centre d’art contemporain, Luxemburg, Paradoxes: the embodied city, Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, and We Are the Artists, International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Prague. In 2001 he was awarded at Videonale 9 in Bonn. Calin Dan’s works are in the collections of Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (NBK), Berlin, Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana and the National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC), Bucharest.


Conference at Platform:
Calin Dan (subREAL )
10.10.05, 19:00