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Kadist Art Foundation is pleased to announce the first exhibition to be drawn from its collection. «Capturing Time», selected by Jeremy Lewison, a member of the Kadist Committee, looks at the way in which six artists address issues relating to time.

A recurring theme in art history, time has always preoccupied artists: the tradition of the vanitas still life, the self portraits of an ageing Rembrandt, the depiction of shifting daylight in the paintings of the Impressionists have all been vehicles for the contemplation of the passage of time. In the twentieth century film, a time-based medium, has been a natural repository for the investigation of time. Time and motion are inseparable twins, for time is unremitting. Some might wish for the suspension of time, others to travel back in time whether physically or through memory. The impermanence of life, its relentless pace and tendency to self-destruction continues to preoccupy artists.

Ultimately, time is also a concept underlying the very notion of a collection since the collection reveals the history of individual and collective taste in particular moments. Kadist Art Foundation came into being as a collection before opening a space. Over a period of years the activity of collecting has contributed to constructing its artistic identity. Exhibiting a collection is always more or less related to assessing some kind of present state: taking a step back, looking back before constructing the future. Kadist’s program and collection are intimately related – as much through the residency program and exhibitions as its collecting strategy – and it privileges specific viewpoints. Thus the first display of the collection is not an overview but an examination of a particular aspect. Inviting a member of the committee to curate an exhibition drawn from the collection is also a way to reveal something of the Foundation’s identity.

Kadist Art Foundation is a private foundation initiated in 2001. It is dedicated to promoting contemporary art through the constitution of an art collection and the organization of exhibitions and residencies in its space in Paris. Kadist's intention is to be actively involved in the promotion and international dimension of contemporary art. By means of these various programs, Kadist manifests its support to a group of artists who define together its artistic identity.

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Kurator: Jeremy Lewison

Künstler: Christiane Baumgartner, Zarina Bhimji, Katinka Bock, Tacita Dean, Elizabeth McAlpine, Simon Starling