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Caro Niederer from Switzerland, charts the connections between art and everyday life. Picture postcards, collected during her travels around the world , were the inspiration for her simple early works; personal snapshots, taken at home and abroad, are the origin of her recent, more melancholy, sepia paintings.

Niederer's interior photographs, showing the artist's paintings in the homes and offices of their owners, represent the relationships between the painting and their collector and reveal the subtle shifts of meaning accrued by a work as it moves from one context to another. This process also reflects Niederer's desire to preserve her own memories and recollections, for as she once explained, 'My practice is like an open spiral that moves with time."

This exhibition, her first in Ireland, contains paintings, rugs, and photographs. It will be accompanied by a catalogue containing her short texts and reproductions of Caro Niederer's new interior phototgraphs.


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Caro Niederer