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Vito AcconciFranz AckermannMatthew Antezzo Atelier van LieshoutJohn BaldessariRobert BarryGünter BrusWerner BüttnerKristin CalabreseSophie CalleJohn Chamberlain ChristoPhil CollinsGuy DebordPhilip-Lorca diCorciaStephan DillemuthSam DurantJimmie DurhamVALIE EXPORTAndrea FaciuÖyvind FahlströmHarald FalckenbergHans-Peter FeldmannUrs Fischer Fischli/WeissBarry FlanaganDan FlavinWilliam ForsytheAndrea FraserGraham GillmoreJack GoldsteinDan GrahamNathalie GrenzhaeuserRichard HamiltonThomas HirschhornChristian JankowskiAsger JornZvika KantorMike KelleyMartin KippenbergerPeter KoglerArthur KöpckeHendrik KrawenJean-Jacques LebelRobert LucanderSarah LucasUrs LüthiPaul McCarthyJonathan MeeseBjarne MelgaardOtto MuehlMarkus OehlenAlbert OehlenAnna OppermannC. O. PaeffgenNam June PaikErik ParkerMartin ParrRaymond PettibonSigmar PolkeRichard PrinceJason RhoadesDaniel RichterMartha RoslerDieter RothGerhard RühmEd RuschaSam SamoreNorbert SchwontkowskiRoman SignerAndreas SlominskiAnnette StreylEna SwanseaInga Svala ThorsdottirWolfgang TillmansKeith TysonErik van LieshoutPetrus WandreyOuattara WattsBenjamin WeismanPeter WelzFranz WestJane & Louise WilsonChristopher WoolDavid Zink YiThomas Zipp 


press release

Pressetext :

As part of its programme to exhibit private collections, la maison rouge is showing, for the first time in France, an important selection of works from a major European collection of contemporary art. Over some ten years, Harald Falckenberg has put together a collection of some 3,000 works spanning the 1960s to the present day, in a 4,000 square-metre disused factory on the outskirts of Hamburg. The main of the collection gathers significant artwork ensembles for a same artist, which are constantly being expanded with no restrictions as to the chosen materials, media or formats. Through his choice of powerful, provocative and political works, Harald Falckenberg has become an established name at the forefront of Hamburg's institutional and artistic scene, which he has considerably influenced and revived. The scope and ambition of his collection ranks him among the leading international art collectors.

about the collection The works in the Harald Falckenberg collection, which is as much an archive as a laboratory, tackle the question of identity in a subversive and provocative way. Martin Kippenberger is particularly wellrepresented; Harald Falckenberg is also a staunch supporter of the young German artist Jonathan Meese.

In keeping with an increasingly international art scene, after focusing on German and Californian artists of the past fifty years, the Falckenberg collection has gradually opened to embrace works by up-and-coming European artists. Harald Falckenberg sees the works as a whole which, beyond the subjective view offered by any collection, raises the question of an interpretation of the history of art today.

Central Station – geography of the exhibition Central Station presents over 150 selected pieces from the collection with the purpose of highlighting this encounter between the work of three generations of artists through their sometimes conflicting visions. As such, Central Station should be seen as a hiatus (station) in a living flow and the reflection of a constantly evolving collection. Harald Falckenberg himself draws a parallel between this flow and circulation of forms, ideas and cultures, and the notion of movement which he likens to the Situationists' dérive or drift. The leitmotiv of the exhibition will be this declaration by Guy Debord: "

We did not seek the formula for overturning the world in books but through wandering; day after day of endless drifting with nothing to resemble the one before. Astonishing encounters, remarkable obstacles, grandiose betrayals, perilous enchantments, nothing was lacking in this quest for a different and sinister Grail which no one else had wanted." Guy Debord, In Girum imus nocte et consumimur igni, 1978.

Central Station will map out an archipelago of specific but interconnected territories. These thematic territories frequently overlap: drift and diversion (G. Debord/A. Jorn, M. Kippenberger, O. Mühl, G. Brus, R. Schwarzkogler, M. Rosler, A. Oppermann, W. Büttner), desire and utopia (M. Kippenberger, Ö. Fahlström), exploration and movement (Ö. Fahlström, F. Ackermann, R. Barry), new approaches to vernacular forms (M. Parr, E. Ruscha, J. Baldessari, W. Tillmans), the grotesque and irony (P. McCarthy, M. Kelley, T. Strode, R. Pettibon, M. Dzama).

Selection of featured works Franz Ackermann, "White Crossing", 2001 and "Mental Maps", 2000-2002 (wall installation). - Anna Oppermann, "Problemlösungsauftrag an Künstler (Raumproblem)", 1978-1984 (installation), German artist showing for the first time in France. - Guy Debord / Asger Jorn, "Mémoires", 1958 and "Mémoires", 1959. - Martin Kippenberger, "Sozialkistentransporter – Transport for social care boxes", 1989 (sculpture). - Thomas Hirschhorn, "Bernsteinzimmer", 1998-1999 (installation). - Wolfgang Tillmans, "Protest and Survive", 1991-2000 (installation, 64 photographic elements). - Bjarne Melgaard, commission in situ, 2004. - Nam June Paik, "Video Scooter", 1994. - Martin Parr "Common Sense", 1999 (350 colour photos). - Jonathan Meese "La Chambre de Balthys", 2001 (installation). - Peter Welz, "whenever on on on nohow on/airdrawing", 2003, filmed performance with William Forsythe (5 video projectors).

biographies Harald Falckenberg was born in 1943 and is President of the Hamburg Kunstverein. He read law at Freibourg, Berlin and Hambur, from where he graduated as a doctor in law. Since 1979 he has been Managing Director of a company in the oil sector. He is also an Honorary Judge at the Hamburg Constitutional Court.

Laurence Dreyfus, born in 1969, is an independent curator tasked with exhibitions of private contemporary art collections at la maison rouge. In 1997 she toured Europe showing works by 45 artists in a car. She went on to stage "La Barge des Désirs", three floating exhibitions on the River Rhone in Lyons. A regular contributor since 1998 to Beaux Arts magazine with a column on culinary art, she curated exhibitions at the Contemporary Art Biennial in Lyons and the first Prague Biennial in 2003. She is also behind Art Digital Video, a travelling exhibition for the Association Française d'Action Artistique (2003-2006).

publications For each of the collections it exhibits, la maison rouge co-publishes with Gilles Fage a catalogue as part of its collections privées series. Central Station, the Harald Falckenberg collection is the second in this series. 160 illustrated pages in French and English with texts by Laurence Dreyfus, Harald Falckenberg and Sophie Delpeux, plus an interview with Hans-Ulrich Obrist.

central station, collection harald falckenberg
Sammlung Falckenberg, Hamburg
Kurator: Laurence Dreyfus

Künstler: Vito Acconci, Franz Ackermann, Matthew Antezzo, Atelier van Lieshout, John Baldessari, Robert Barry, Günter Brus, Werner Büttner, Kristin Calabrese, Sophie Calle, John Chamberlain,  Christo , Phil Collins, Guy Debord, Asger Jorn, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Stephan Dillemuth, Sam Durant, Jimmie Durham, Erró , VALIE EXPORT, Andrea Faciu, Öyvind Fahlström, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Urs Fischer, Fischli / Weiss, Barry Flanagan, Dan Flavin, Andrea Fraser, Dan Graham, Jack Goldstein, Nathalie Grenzhaeuser, Richard Hamilton, Graham Gillmore, Thomas Hirschhorn, Christian Jankowski, Zvika Kantor, Mike Kelley, Martin Kippenberger, Arthur Köpcke, Peter Kogler, Hendrik Krawen, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Erik van Lieshout, Robert Lucander, Sarah Lucas, Urs Lüthi, Paul McCarthy, Jonathan Meese, Bjarne Melgaard, Otto Muehl, Albert Oehlen, Markus Oehlen, Anna Oppermann, C. O. Paeffgen, Nam June Paik, Raymond Pettibon, Erik Parker, Martin Parr, Sigmar Polke, Richard Prince, Jason Rhoades, Gerhard Rühm, Daniel Richter, Martha Rosler, Dieter Roth, Ed Ruscha, Sam Samore, Norbert Schwontkowski, Roman Signer, Andreas Slominski, Annette Streyl, Ena Swansea, Wolfgang Tillmans, Inga Svala Thorsdottir, Keith Tyson, Ouattara Watts, Benjamin Weisman, Peter Welz / William Forsythe, Franz West, Petrus Wandrey, Jane & Louise Wilson, Christopher Wool, David Zink Yi, Thomas Zipp