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CENTURY CITY is a dual-screen structural crime thriller that never ends. Cape Town detective Nancy Delport is investigating the murder of actress Crystal Fallone, who has been shot dead whilst filming a re-make of JL Godard's Contempt at Cape's new Century City film studios. Detective Delport puts in an implausible phone call to Crystal¹s bereaved father, Peter Kashlin - a burnt out, washed up TV movie director who is on the Los Angeles set of his latest, dubious crime thriller.

In STUART CROFT's first major film since the critically acclaimed Hit, cinematic logic is collapsed whilst his characters discuss stock fraud, body doubles and the death of Hollywood. Crystal Fallone¹s murder is never solved. The film shows a slice of a phone call that loops endlessly, trapping its characters in an endless, impossible cycle. Detective Delport¹s screen is richly filmed as a celluloid Œreadymade¹, replete with convincing movie dialogue. The opposite screen, shot in swooping docu-style video, sees LA-based movie director Peter Kashlin speaking from what appears to be the same movie set as Delport - who is thousands of miles away in Cape Town.

CENTURY CITY is Croft's first solo show at FRED LONDON and tours to ROEBLING HALL, New York in 2006, Previous shows include Video Remix, Fiedler Contemporary, Cologne (2005); Video London, Espai Ubu, Barcelona (2005); Hit, Rhodes + Mann, London (solo, 2003); Senso Unico, San Salvador Convent, Venice Biennale (2003); Sydney Biennale Video Program, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney (2002); B-Hotel, P.S.1-MoMA, New York (2001).

CENTURY CITY Starring Matthew Marsh and Pippa Hinchley / Casting Director: Gary Davy / Director of Photography: Zillah Bowes / Production Designer: Catherine Byrne / Line Producer: Kate Hall / Stills Photographer: Hugo Glendinning / Written, Directed and Edited by Stuart Croft

Executive Producer: Fred [London] Ltd / Supported by: Royal College of Art / Panavision UK / Greenford Studios / Arion Facilities / Eagle Media Productions / with additional support from Kodak / Cirro Lite / Todd-AO

9 min continuous loop / Super-16mm film & DV to DVD


only in german

A new film by Stuart Croft