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This season, two highly accomplished and respected artists are being featured in a loan exhibition. Placed in a new exhibition location near the south parking area, these sculptures by Chakaia Booker and Peter Lundberg greet arriving visitors. This exhibition will be on display May 21 - November 15, 2003

Chakaia Booker creates large-scale sculptures out of discard truck, car, and bicycle tires. Formally inventive, rhythmic, and imbued with enormous presence, the works are lyrical and powerful. In addition to their scale, the light absorbing quality of the rich black sculptures make them ideal for display in the outdoors. As noted in the current issue of Sculpture Magazine, Booker has “woven their [tires] textures, treads, smells, scars, burn and skid marks and hues into symphonic compositions.” To read the complete article on her from the January/February issue of Sculpture Magazine please click here:

For additional information about Ms. Booker and her work please visit her website at

Peter Lundberg is founder and director of the Connecticut Sculpture Park in Bridgeport, Connecticut. He works with cast concrete and stainless steel, creating monumental outdoor sculptures. Each piece, with its twisted and folded forms, offers a variety of vantage points, and many contain large openings, framing diverse views. Mr. Lundberg’s sculpture is raw and graceful, and interacts with the landscape in subtle and ever-changing ways.


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Chakaia Booker and Peter Lundberg