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French artist Christine Rebet presents a comprehensive selection of her work focusing on drawings from the last years and the animated short film "Soul Hunter".

Christine Rebet's drawings reveal a wondrous world of bizarre forms and strange scenarios. One could observe them matter-of-factly, take what they show on mostly small formats as plain reproductions of reality. But how much more appealing to just give in to temptation, to fully immerse oneself with a psychologist's gaze into the imaginary world of Rebet.

The lightly drawn lines, the at times rudimentary colouring, and the simplified forms can be easily associated with hand-writing, another, often very personal kind of "drawn recording". What the pages tell, though, remains an unfinished narrative with many lose ends. Whether the sketches represent fragments of memories, enriched with symbols and metaphors of the unconscious, to be put together like words into a story, is open to interpretation.

Christine Rebet's commentary about her animated movie "Soul Hunter² might give a hint. "The animation raises the question: What is the essence of drawing? I tried to represent the soul by liquid, coloured liquid. The hunter absorbs substances, substances of life. There is no speech, only silent kidnapping."

Christine Rebet's book "Game Over" has been published with HUGE Book Edition, Paris, in May 2004. It is produced by Arno Moria in association with Luc Derycke.

We thank the AFAA-Bureau des Arts Plastique/ The French Embassy for their kind support.

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Christine Rebet
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