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Chuck Jones plays with the nooks, crannies, gurgles, burbs, tangs, foibles, and prejudices that make us human. His Isolation Studies cut our language to its raspy ingredients. Jones makes apparent the repetitions that underlay our speaking; more so, he also reveals the traumas that make necessary human communication. This is especially apparent in regards to the Loveline Isolation Studies, where those who call in, mostly teenagers, expose their raw need for contact, and then sadly met by the aloof, sardonic nature of the hosts. In The Butthole Tree, the folks interviewed go through a litany of the sounds, body functions, and human frailty that drive a wedge in our ability to communicate with one another. Our prejudices define us and limit us. Chuck Jones enables us to tell who we our.

Born and raised inside the beltway (I-495) of our nations capital, Chuck Jones lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. His Isolation Series has been "featured" on WFMU more than once and this surprised him a great deal and forced him to pay extra for bandwidth use on his website, Chuck made The Butthole Tree during his graduate program at The School of Art and Design at The University of Illinois where it was received very, very poorly. He currently "teaches" at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Chuck Jones: 3 Isolation Studies and The Butthole Tree