press release

In 2001, the Department of Photographs acquired the Metropolitan’s first example of video art—a mesmerizing, elemental work by Ann Hamilton that, in its small scale and unassuming presentation, seemed almost like a still photograph come to life. This exhibition presents a selection from the growing collection put together by the department over the last five years, from David Hammons’s raucous and surprising Phat Free and Darren Almond’s hallucinatory Schwebebahn to Omer Fast’s Spielberg’s List, a 65-minute, two-screen pseudodocumentary about Hollywood and the Holocaust that is alternately ironic and harrowing. Also included are Lutz Bacher’s surveillance of the late art dealer Pat Hearn, Wolfgang Staehle’s 24-hour landscape “painting” set in the Hudson River Valley, Maria Marshall's haunting portrait of her young son entitled When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Cooker, and a digital update of Eadweard Muybridge’s celebrated motion studies from the 1880s by new media pioneer Jim Campbell. Only Ann Hamilton’s abc has previously been shown at the Metropolitan.

Closed Circuit: Video and New Media at the Metropolitan

Künstler: Darren Almond, Lutz Bacher, Jim Campbell, Omer Fast, Ann Hamilton, David Hammons, Maria Marshall, Wolfgang Staehle.