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Cassi stared intently at the mirror she liked the way she looked. She likes the way she feels, she likes the state she’s in. Pammy said she likes the attention, but Pammy is a 2bit slut, least that’s what the kids called her. Even Nicole had clapped (had clap) so hard that the nails had serrated the palm flesh, oozing red in the bright lights of the camera flash. Cassi had never noticed before now, how old Nicole’s hands looked, even when garnished with raw fish and diamonds, but they all said how beautiful she was. Pammy was just jealous, how dare she ruin such a perfect life, letting it all hang out for the whole world to see, toppling around to the Cha Cha Cha on nine inch spikes. She sighed and picked up a copy of Hello. Turning the pages, her face flushed. Oh my god! That evil little bitch Clunie had scrawled all over it. Just you wait.

only in german

Clunie Reid