press release

The guest exhibition by the Marli Hoppe-Ritter Collection at the Fondazione Marcello Morandini showcases some 40 paintings, pictorial objects and sculptures from the 1960s to the present. They cover a wide range of constructive-concrete approaches and give a keen insight into a major focus of the collection. The exhibits range from paintings by the leading lights of the Zurich Concretists to systematic compositions from the following generations of artists, as well as to geometric paintings and wall reliefs in a wide diversity of materials by contemporary artists from many European countries.

The main theme when selecting the works was colour and the accompanying interplay of (bright) hues and elementary forms, which is of key importance for concrete art. In addition to numerous works that strictly adhere to a predetermined visual logic, a number of works are on view that playfully break with the hard-and-fast rules and ideals of concrete order and that combine a clear, geometric grammar of forms with idiosyncratic colour experiments.