press release

In this exhibition, the artist/re-presenters David Dempewolf and Scott Rigby will assemble an exhibition to examine the problematics and generative potentials within artist curated projects.

When one looks closely, what is revealed or concealed about the artist/curators' location in geography, time, and subjective identity positioning, when they re-present the work of their peers?

The artists organizing this exhibition are re-presenting artists who re-present artists. In what way does this exhibition’s circularity of re-presentation highlight the issues of location and positioning? In this exhibition, as well as within the projects that are to be selected; artists are utilized for their roles as nodes within a seemingly infinite social field of physical and mnemonic networks. Participants are asked not only to provide examples of their curatorial projects, but also to make recommendations of other artist/curated exhibitions from their own memories. This process of linking artists expands exponentially, creating cyborg search engines that present findings or hits, which are linked within the tissue of a living network of disparate artistic communities.

We are asking the participating artist/curators to see their curatorial strategies as experiments within the social field of discursive and agonistic relationships. For this permutation of the exhibition, the participants’ contributions will be re-presented in the form of displays within a science fair-like setting. This format intends to examine a specific practice in art through the middle-school equivalent of a science convention - where practitioners share strategies, developments, and distribute information within a community of their immediate peers.

Kuratoren: David Dempewolf, Scott Rigby (Basekamp, Philadelphia)

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