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CONTEMPORARY PASSAGES explores via an exhibition, a public discussion and a film screening - the relationships between subjects and places, physical sites and community dynamics that occur while we live and move between multiple spaces, time zones and cultural contexts.

In the exhibition CONTEMPORARY PASSAGES, MARJOLIJN DIJKMAN presents THEATRUM ORBIS TERRARUM, a collection of photographs taken by the artist during her travels. LU CAFAUSU (A False Luke) is a recent collaborative project by LUIGI NEGRO, EMILIO FANTIN, GIANCARLO NORESE and CESARE PIETROIUSTI. An old coffeehouse, located in the south of Italy, has become the inspiration for stories and actions, with the emphasis on the personal relationships between people. Invited by the artists, FRANCESCA GRILLI presents A STUDY FOR ENDURING MIDNIGHT, a project focused on the figure of the ‘Chiangi Muerti’ (paid mourner). VAN ‘T HULLENAAR and VIS presents SIMULTAAN, a functional transformation of the gallery space that creates a new way to simultaneously experience different levels of the exhibition space.

In conjunction with WRONG TIME, WRONG PLACE, guest curator ANGELA SERINO [IT] developed the presentation CONTEMPORARY PASSAGES. Every year TENT. invites a young exhibition maker to interpret the function of TENT. and the artistic climate in Rotterdam in a presentation. Serino is TENT. [Young Curator 2oo7].

Marjolijn Dijkman [Rotterdam], Emilio Fantin [Bologna] & Luigi Negro [Lecce] & Giancarlo Norese [Milaan] & Cesare Pietroiusti [Rome], Francesca Grilli [Amsterdam], Merel van 't Hullenaar & Niels Vis [Amsterdam]

Contemporary Passages
A project by YOUNG CURATOR Angela Serino for TENT
Discussions, art and screenings on the subject of residency

mit Marjolijn Dijkman, Emilio Fantin & Luigi Negro & Giancarlo Norese & Cesare Pietroiusti, Francesca Grilli, Merel vant Hullenaar & Niels Vis