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GAMeC hosts the first solo exhibition dedicated by a museum to the versatile and multidisciplinary figure of Corrado Levi.

Artist, architect, writer and critic, Corrado Levi defied and keeps on defying the restrictive boundaries of the single disciplines, disclosing from time to time new expressive possibilities for contemporary culture.

The exhibition presents Levi's work of the last fifty years, works standing in between architecture and art. His productions have been "cut", "deconstructed" and then reassembled forming new categories, connected to his recurrent methods of action. Works that show new possibilities of formulating art and projects in a broad sense, allowing influences by other suggestions; projects that are dense with functional attentions and structural concerns; projects made "ad artem" and "art as a project"; works that look with attention to body language between eroticism and humour. Works that find solutions through a series of variations, experimenting all the possibilities at the reach of a pencil, paintbrush, sculpture, installation, model or action.

A sort of new creative dictionary to learn to make art in many different ways.

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Corrado Levi
'Ad Artem'
18 Ways Of Making Art
Kuratoren: Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Beppe Finessi